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Software Update - CD Receiver KB 62 CR

Install this update on your Kombo 62 CD Receiver in order to access new features.

Improvements in version 1.24

  • Display of text information (such as radio stations) optimised in the display screen.


After initiating the update on the receiver, the operation must not be manually interrupted. This could damage your device! Make sure that the power supply is not interrupted and that the USB stick remains connected until the update is complete.

How to install

  • Load the new software onto the USB stick via the following link Software Update KB 62 CD
  • Unzip the downloaded file and save the „GokuUpdate.hex“ update file onto your USB stick (format FAT 32).
  • Insert the USB stick with the unzipped software into the front USB port of the Kombo 62 CD Receiver.
  • Now access the device's menu by pressing the "Menu" button, navigate to the menu item "Load System Software" with the buttons "Forward" or "Back" and confirm the update by selecting "Yes"
  • The new software is now installed.
  • After installing the software, turn off your device.
  • Remove the USB memory stick.
  • Turn on the Kombo 62 CD Receiver again. The new system software is now active.
NB: After choosing the "factory reset" menu option of the Kombo 62 Receiver, the DAB station memory scan must be performed manually using the remote control. To do this, briefly press and the hold the "AUTO" button on the remote control in "DAB" mode.
We recommend copying the update file to an empty USB stick.